“It is not sufficient merely to spiritualize our life,
but what we need is to materialize our spirit.”
Lama Anagarika.

All frequencies co-exist in the same time-spaceAll frequencies co-exist in the same time-space

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

The lower and slower the frequency, the closer we come to matter. The higher, faster and more refined the frequency, the closer we come to the spectrum of 7 colours of light vibration - finally white light and then pure energy. The blue end of the colour spectrum is where the vibration is fastest, whereas the redder the colour, the slower the vibration. If we take the frequency of any specific note and double this frequency enough times, we will eventually reach the light spectrum. The only difference between 7 colours of the light spectrum and the 7 notes of the sound spectrum is the rate of vibration. This also corresponds to the 7 energy Chakras, the vortices that run along the centre of the body. The body is a manifestation of the harmonic chord. (see Chakra Tuning Forks)

Go to "Explorer's Map of the Electromagnetic Spectrum". http://www.altair.org/specmap.html
This map contains a most interesting example of the EMS.

Most of the time we a bombarded by disharmonious noises - e.g. traffic, fridge, dogs barking, loud music, even by electric current. Sound can cripple or heal. Initially thoughts and emotions manifest as frequencies. Sound can change the rhythms of our brainwaves, as well as our heartbeat and respiration. In India there are ragas (meaning 'mood' or 'mode') for every hour of the day and season. The octave represents a complete cycle of sounds. The division of sounds is akin to mathematical proportions. Confucius (5th c. BC China), Pythagoras (5th c. BC), Plato (4th c. BC Greece) deeply investigated the mysteries of these intervals. They believed that sound created a heavenly link and brought sacred energies down into the world of matter.
(See Sound Evolution & the Genesis Ladder)

Healing is a manipulation of these frequencies from discordant to harmonious. Both the Earth and body have a vibration of 8 cycles per second, which can be conceived as a wonderful orchestra of sound. (See the Schumann Resonance heading under Products / the Harmonic Tuner)
There are sounds that are so high that they seem to ring in ones head, or so low that the floor under ones feet seems to vibrate like low thunder or an earthquake. The low frequencies, like the noise we experience in cities, are the exhausting frequencies, whereas the higher more refined frequencies (8,000hz) similar to those we hear when we are embryos in the womb are energizing.

Super and TransSonic Speed of Sound

Sound travels at 340 meters per second at sea level. Sometimes, going close to that speed through air can cause some unusual visual effects around the shock wave formed by the sound.

Earth Speaks

No matter how closely you listen, you will not hear the Earth Our Blue Earth speaksOur Blue Earth speakshum –
but humming it is.
Far far below the range of human hearing, waves of energy are causing the ground beneath your feet to rise and fall about three-millionths of an inch every few minutes. Studies over the past decade have proved that the hum is far too constant for it to be seismic activity of small earthquakes. A likely origin is two ocean waves traveling in opposite directions, colliding over continental shelves sending a cacophony down to the sea floor triggering vibrations that ripple through the planet.
Broadly defined infrasound waves are longer than 56 feet and below 20 Hz. Crashing waves, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, volcanoes and avalanches generate infra low frequency sounds. A sign of a lengthy infrasound wave passing by, is a slight variation in air pressure.
Detecting this signal can give an advance warning of 30minutes prior to the event.
by Gregory Mone

Schumann Resonance

Research in Biophysics suggests that our biological system is tuned into the background frequency of our planet - the Schumann Resonance - a steady pulse of 7.83 Hz which beats around the planet in the cavity between the earth & ionosphere. It is affected by lightning & sunspot activity. It has been found that this frequency is also the dominant brainwave rhythm of all mammals.
Weather may be influenced by group consciousness (nothing new about this to some indigenous tribes). Weather is strongly influenced by Earth resonance frequencies (Schumann frequencies). But those same frequencies are also produced in our brains, and when many people synchronize their thinking or when spiritual masters focus their thoughts in a laser-like fashion, then it is not at all surprising that they can influence the weather.
My website gives more information on this subject.
Go to: Products / Harmonic Tuner / Sounds Used in the Harmonic Tuner / Schumann Resonance.

The Primitive Brain

The middle and inner ear of the human foetus attains practically adult size by the 5th month of gestation. It is the first sensory organ to evolve and is like a primitive brain affecting the brain’s development. Therefore, appreciation for acoustical nuances is built into the human brain during its embryonic development. The response of premature infants to music was researched. One group listened to Brahms lullaby (stringed version) six times a day, while a control group listened to nothing. The group of infants who listened to Brahms gained weight faster, had fewer complications and were released from the hospital an average of a week earlier than those babies who did not listen to Brahms.

Our auditory capacity ranges from approximately 16Hertz to 20,000 Hz (cycles per second) and is ten times larger in range than our visual capacity, which extends from infrared to ultra violet wavelengths. While our audible memory far exceeds our visual memory, there is an enormously greater audible functioning happening in our subconscious than we are aware of.

How conscious are we? Are some of us unconscious nomads looking for a ‘fix’ to our discord? Do we spread discord and noise, or do we contribute to harmony? Are we are responsible for everything we listen to and everything we generate. Sound can produce beauty and inspiration, or it can be destructive, shattering, violent and painful. Using Sound to reintroduce harmony and sympathetic resonance can transform and heal.

Today we live in a rapid, dynamic, ever-changing and disposable society bringing fear and stress - the disease of the body, emotions and mind.
Through Sound it is possible to change rhythms of our brainwaves, our heartbeat as well as our respiration. These principles of using resonance and entrainment are fundamental concepts behind the use of Sound to heal and transform. From ancient times, sound and music is used as a powerful tool for self-transformation. It facilitates the experience of ourselves and in so doing, we experience mankind and the rest of the world.

Ultrasonic Sound

Refers to sound waves over 20,000 Hz., above the frequencies of audible sound.
Sounds in the range 20-100 kHz are commonly used for communication and navigation by bats, dolphins and some other species.
Medical diagnostic ultrasound scans extend to 1 to 20MHz. The use of longer wavelengths implies lower resolution since the maximum resolution of any imaging process is proportional to the wavelength of the imaging wave.

Infrasonic Sound

Refers to sound waves below 20 Hz., under the frequencies of audible sound. Infrasound can travel for long distances and go through objects, including buildings, dense forests and even mountains.
Sources of infrasound in nature include volcanoes, avalanches, earthquakes and meteorites. The eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatamala produced infrasonic sound in excess of 120 decibels in the range below 10Hz. Mt Erebus, an active volcano in Antarctica generated very strong ultrasonic sounds while the audible sounds were unremarkable. Ocean storms and waves generate a lot of infrasound. Studies of infrasound of hurricanes offer some hope of deciphering the infrasound signature of an approaching hurricane. Infrasound detectors are used to detect avalanches and send warning signals.
A number of animals produce and use sounds in the infrasonic range for communication over very long distances. After 2004 tsunami it was reported that dogs refused to go outside, zoo animals that wouldn't leave their shelters and elephants that burst their chains rushing to higher ground.
Elephants, whales, tigers, rhinos, giraffe, horses and other animals communicate using low frequency sounds, some of which are infrasonic. It could be that herd animals rely on infrasound to keep the group together and to communicate over distance.


Animal Sound LevelsAnimal Sound Levels


30Hz is the high end of Beta waves and is roughly coincident with the frequency of cat’s purrs.
According to an article in the London Telegraph 2001 by David Harrison: “……the purring of cats is naturally healing and occurs between the frequencies of 27 and 44 Hz which are the dominant frequencies for house cats. Studies confirm that exposure to these specific frequencies naturally heal and strengthen human bones and help them grow. This includes all cats purr though not tigers.

Elephant Talk

Elephant Foetus @ 22 monthsElephant Foetus @ 22 months

Elephants are the largest land animals. Their gestation period is 22 months, the longest of any land animal. Famed for their memory and intelligence, they are a symbol of wisdom and thought to be on par with cetaceans and hominids. Hence they are known as the ‘Memory-keepers’ of the Earth, guided not only by intelligence but also by voices of their ancestors with generations of memory.

Intelligence & Self-awareness: A wide variety of behaviours, including those associated with grief, making music, art, altruism, allomothering, play, use of tools, compassion and self-awareness is evidence of a highly intelligent species on par with cetaceans and primates. Elephants recognize that the image in the mirror is their own self and such abilities are considered the basis for empathy, altruism and higher social interactions. This ability has been demonstrated in humans, apes, dolphins and magpies.

Communication: Elephants live in a structured social order and in a network of communication. Females live in tightly knit family groups made up of mothers, daughters, sisters, and aunts led by a matriarch. Adult males live mostly solitary lives and are less vocal. Around the age of fourteen, the mature male, or bull, sets out from his natal group for good. It is usually the older bulls, forty to fifty years old, that do most of the breeding.

The largest areas in the elephant brain are those responsible for hearing, smell and movement coordination. Their sense of hearing and smell is exceptional. Hearing receptors reside not only in ears, but also in trunks that are sensitive to vibrations, and most significantly feet, which have special receptors for low frequency sound.

Elephants are famous for their trumpet calls which are made during excitement - from startlement, to a cry for help, to rage. They make rumbling growls when greeting each other. The growl can become a bellow and a bellow can become a prolonged moan. This can escalate to a roar when threatening another elephant or another animal.

Elephants can communicate over long distances by producing and receiving infrasound - a subsonic rumbling which can travel in the air and through the ground much farther than higher frequencies. These calls range from 15-35 Hz and would be deafening if we could hear them – around 110 decibels, as loud as a rock concert, with long waves at 225 feet and with a maximum range of around 10 km. Other animals like rhinos, alligators, hippos and whales use infrasound as well.
Observations of elephant behavior suggests that they responded to the waves through the ground before they heard them in the air - plausible since the waves would travel faster in the solid material.
This sound is felt and picked up by the sensitive skin of an elephant's feet and trunk. To listen attentively, every member of the herd will lift one foreleg from the ground, and face the source of the sound, or often lay its trunk on the ground. The lifting presumably increases the ground contact and sensitivity of the remaining legs aiding their navigation by infrasound.

Pioneering research in elephant infrasound communication has been carried out by Katy Payne, of the Elephant Listening Project (detailed in her book, 'Silent Thunder').
This research shows how elephants can find distant potential mates and how social groups are able to coordinate their movements over extensive range. Male and female elephants will find one another for reproduction. With 2 years of gestation followed by two more for nursing, a female is receptive only a few days every 4 to 5 years. The female is no sooner in estrus than she is surrounded by males until her period of receptivity ends. The answer lies in a unique sequence of intense, low frequency calls that receptive females make during their estrus. This sequence always has the same form and technically may be called a ‘song’.

A new calf is usually the centre of attention and all herd members gather around the newborn, touching and caressing it with their trunks. Everyone in the herd cares and protects the young. The mother will usually select several full-time baby-sitters or "allomothers” who will help in aspects of raising the calf. A roar and a scream from a distressed baby calf creates havoc as the relatives rush to the rescue. Their rumbles of panic were among the strongest infrasonic calls recorded.

It is marvelous to see the ‘silent’ mass coordination and simultaneous arrival of several groups of elephants from different directions. Sometimes there may be synchronous freezing or simultaneous calling. The haphazard wanderings of family groups most often are not random but coordinated with other groups.

National Geographic Aug1989 by Katy Payne, bioacoustics engineer, Cornell University.

Elephants are known to be the Memory & Wisdom Keepers of the Earth.
Wales are known to be the Memory & Wisdom Keepers of the Great Waters.

Whale Song

There were hundreds of thousands of these mammals at the beginning of the 20th century but they have been hunted close to extinction. They are extremely intelligent and have a complex communication system known as ‘songs’. Group loyalty is strong and each pod has its own particular dialect. They are the first mammals known to have dialects in the same way as human language. The blue whale is 100ft/31m long, weighs over 100 tons, is the largest animal ever to inhabit the planet.

CETACEANS i.e. whales, dolphins and porpoises are warm blooded, air breathing marine mammals which give birth to live young. These marine mammals map out their world through sound and are greatly dependent on sound for communication and sensation, more so than land mammals, due to the limitation of the other senses in water. "Seeing" with sound is called echolocation which helps them locate food and navigate underwater. Dolphins make sounds above the range of human hearing that helps them see detailed "pictures" of objects in the water. A higher sound which has a shorter wavelength, produces a more detailed "picture".
Toothed whales e.g. Killer whales and Bottle-nose dolphins use ECHOLOCATION for hunting and navigating, while Baleen whales e.g. Humpbacks and Blue whales found in the Indian Ocean, are known to produce repetitive sounds at varying frequencies known as ‘WHALE SONG’. Marine biologist Philip Clapham describes the song as "probably the most complex in the animal kingdom". Whale songs with other sounds representing our Earth planet, were carried into outer space by Voyager.

Toothed whales generally produce low frequency sounds by moving air between air-spaces or sinuses in the head. Membranes are sucked together, causing the surrounding tissue to vibrate. These vibrations can be controlled with great sensitivity and can be directed into a beam of sound for echolocation. These sounds are reflected out & echoed back from objects providing information about the seafloor, the shorelines, underwater obstacles, water depth, and the presence of other animals underwater. A recent theory suggests that very high intensity focused sounds may be used to stun or disorient prey in hunting. 236dB is the maximum volume of a sperm whale's vocalisation. It is the loudest creature on earth.
Lower sounds travel further in water because they have longer wavelengths. These sounds are too low for humans to hear. The speed of sound in water is roughly four times faster than in the atmosphere at sea level.

When Humpbacks ‘sing’ it is a very specific communication linked to migration, feeding and mating patterns - not related to echolocation or other forms of communication. They often sing long complicated songs lasting up to 30 or so minutes, over and over again, over the course of hours or even days and can be heard up to 100 miles away. Mating songs are performed exclusively by males competing for females. Slight changes to a song may be determined by social ranking. Specific whale sounds are thought to be used to identify other individuals, for long-range contact and to warn of threats, as well as navigation. Each whale species, like the Orca, has its own set of sounds. Groups of whales within the same species often make calls that differ from other populations. Whales occupying the same geographical areas (which can be as large as entire ocean basins) tend to sing similar songs, with only slight variations. Whales from non-overlapping regions sing entirely different songs. Most other whales and dolphins produce sounds of varying degrees of complexity. Of particular interest is the Beluga (the "sea canary") which produces an immense variety of whistles, clicks and pulses etc

Research by Dr Christopher Clark of Cornell University using 30 years of military submarine testing data, showed that whale sounds travel up to 3,000 km. His research indicates that ambient noise from boats is doubling each decade, reducing the range at which whale songs can be heard. Because these sea mammals are so dependent on hearing, the increased noise is creating undue stress on the ability to find a mate, thereby negatively affecting the overall population.
National Geographic Dec 1976, Nov 1995, July 1999

Harmonic Life of Plants

When plants were exposed to Haydn, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert they grew toward the sound. Plants not only grew away from heavy rock music but also grew abnormally tall with excessively small leaves or remained stunted with sparse roots using much more water than the classically entertained plants which flourished in all ways. Music of Bach and the sitar played by Ravi Shankar played to plants caused them to lean an unprecedented 35 degrees towards Bach’s music and more than halfway in excess of 60 degrees towards the Indian classical music.
From 'Secret Life of Plants' by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird.

Dan Carlson of Blaine, Minnesota discovered that 5000Hz makes plants ‘breathe’ better. Pulsed high frequency sonics of around 5000Hz embedded in Oriental, Indian and Classical music, was played daily to the plants for half an hour and also sprayed with diluted plant nutrients. Result!.....a phenomenal 99% growth increase of any plant. A 4 ½ inch purple passion plant grew to 1400 feet long in 2 ½ years. Normal size: 18 inches. (It grew into the Guiness Book of World records.) A 15 foot tomato plant produced 836 tomatoes; rose bushes with 75 blooms; double yields of potatoes and beans; Jojoba seeds expanded 40% bigger and germinated in 20 days instead of 1 to 5 months. Plant yields not only increased two to tenfold with this sound/spray treatment, but they were also more nutritious having absorbed the nutrients better.

Sound could help replace chemical fertilizer and could help with world hunger.
Could high frequency sounds affect cell respiration in humans too? Could high frequency music increase our absorption of nutrients?
Indian researchers studying Ayurvedic medicine chanted mantras over growing plants twice daily. Herbal medicines made from these plants proved more effective and potent than those extracted from mantra deprived plants.


In ancient belief where underground water rose up from the ground it was considered sacred and to have high energy levels, making it the ideal for erecting a shrine. In ancient times people paid true respect to water (fertility symbol). But in recent times water lost its mystique becoming just another substance of technology.

Water is a faithfully sensitive ‘master listener’ receiving sound frequencies and recording information emitted by the world. It mirrors this world. Could it be that even the events experienced throughout our lives become recorded memories in water/blood !

The lesson that we learn has to do with the power of sound, intent and words. The simple act of announcing your intentions, the realization of it will follow and gather energy towards you.
The vibration of good words has a positive effect on our world (frequency + intention = healing)…..whereas the vibration from negative words has the power to destroy…. and the act of verbalization has the power to change the world (visualization + vocalization = manifestation).

When water has had certain words, concentrated thoughts or pictures directed towards it, high-speed photography shows the changes and the effects on crystals that form in frozen water. It seems that complete geometric crystals are formed when water is in alignment with nature and the phenomenon we call life. When crystals do not form, there is a fundamental failure to remember the laws of nature.

Effect of Sound on WaterEffect of Sound on Water
Dr. Emoto’s work provides factual evidence that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas & sound affect the molecular structure of water.
“Remember that water comprises over 70% of a mature human body & covers the same amount on our planet. Water is the very source of all life. The fact that the molecular structure of the water can be affected by our consciousness, our intent & our sounds is extremely important & may have great implications for the future of personal and planetary harmony as well as healing.”

How this applies to us

People with similar frequencies are attracted/ resonate with each other.
However, if someone you don’t like approaches you and you react, this also means that you are resonating in some way with that person. In Japanese martial arts the secret is ‘winning without fighting’ i.e. avoiding to resonate at all with the enemy. Even to fight and win, results in resonance with the enemy.
Love has the effect of raising our frequency level & making us shine.
(Love/intention + frequency = ‘makes us shine’ / heals).

Masaru Emoto constructed a device and was able to measure the negative vibrations coming from people. They corresponded to the vibrations emitted by different elements. e.g.
vibrations created by irritation are equivalent to those of mercury
anger / lead
sadness & sorrow / aluminium
uncertainty / cadmium
despair / steel
stress / zinc

In an experiment when Saturn had a large influence on Earth, it was found that lead was easily soaked up by paper floating in water, while other elements e.g. copper, silver, steel showed little or no response…showing a close connection between Saturn and lead, so the logical deduction is that Saturn, lead and anger are all closely related.

So what should we do if we find our minds full of negative emotions? Based on principles of vibration it is clear we need to emit the emotion opposite to the negative emotion. By combining 2 opposite waves, the negative emotion disappears. By identifying wavelengths of unwanted noise, researchers broadcast the exact opposite noise from speakers, thereby cancelling out the noise completely.

For every negative emotion there is an exact opposite positive emotion:
Anger / Kindness
Fear /Courage
Anxiety / Peace of Mind
Pressure / Presence of Mind
Hate / Love, Gratitude, Appreciation

Love and Gratitude.....

What could be more effective at overcoming negative energy and returning vitality & immunity to your body or the Earth body. If love and gratitude are intended, spoken, written or shown to water, the water forms complete crystals, making it immune to damaging environmental effects. Our emotions and feelings have an effect on the world moment by moment. Every part of the universe contains the information of all the parts of the universe. In other words, everything that takes place in the universe, also takes place within our own bodies beyond time and space. Are you going to choose a world of love and gratitude, or a tortured world filled with discontent and destruction? Our consciousness has a role to play in this creation.

Rupert Sheldrake proposes that events are capable of resonating in the same way that sound resonates e.g. when someone becomes aware of something, then other people also tend to become similarly aware. The location where such events take place (morphic field) and the phenomena of repeated similar events (morphic resonance) has an instantaneous impact on all space and all time. The combined will of many people can act as a force to change the world.
‘The Hidden Messages in Water’ by Masaru Emoto.



White blood cells were collected for DNA from donors and placed into chambers so they could measure electrical changes. The donor was placed in one room and subjected to different "emotional stimulations" of video clips. The DNA was placed in a different room in the same building. Both the donor and his DNA exhibited emotional peaks or valleys measured by electrical responses, IDENTICAL MATCHING RESPONSES AT EXACTLY THE SAME MOMENT – and at 50 miles the result was still identical. This transmission of energy is not affected by time and distance and exists everywhere all the time.

Human placenta DNA (the most pristine form of DNA) was placed in a container from which they could measure changes in the DNA. Twenty-eight vials were given (one each) to 28 trained researchers, who had been trained how to generate and FEEL feelings and strong emotions.
It was discovered that DNA changed its shape according to the feelings:-

  1. When the researchers felt gratitude, love and appreciation, the DNA responded by relaxing, the strands unwound and became longer.
  2. When the researchers felt anger, fear, frustration or stress, the DNA responded by tightening up, the strands became shorter and switched off many of the DNA codes. These codes were reversed and were switched back on again when feelings of love, joy, gratitude and appreciation were felt by the researchers.

With HIV positive patients they discovered that feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation created 300,000 times the resistance. So, by staying in these positive feelings, you can maintain an incredibly strong immune system.

How does this Apply to Us?

Remember that the law of the Universe is that we attract what we focus on.
If you feel joy, love, appreciation or gratitude and focus on bringing more of that into your life, you are going to avoid the negative stuff automatically. Find something to be happy about every day, every hour, every moment.

We live through our feelings and this is how we echo our reality. As you can see from everything that I have placed on this website, fundamental to all Life, is a pulsating web of frequencies. Sound plays an integral part in echoing our overall existence, connecting us with the energy and matter of a pulsating Universe.
Reported by Greg Braden, scientist & engineer.


Graphic Depiction of Molecular VibrationsGraphic Depiction of Molecular VibrationsPhysicists have recorded tiny vibrations of individual molecules, that can be called sounds.
The vibrations in their original form are too fast and small to hear, but otherwise fit the physical description of what makes a sound - producing similar vibrations in neighboring molecules spreading the oscillations outward. That’s enough to meet dictionary definitions of sound, though others apply the word only to what can be heard. Audible sound consists of the same sorts of vibrations, but much bigger and slower, and affecting trillions of molecules, so they can move the eardrums. But there’s no firm line between audible and inaudible.
Making a molecule’s vibrations audible, however, is just a matter of playing them back much, much slower at a lower pitch and louder. To imagine what one molecule might sound like picture the smallest bell making a tiny, high-pitched 'ping'. Then conceive of a tone unimaginably smaller and higher.

To make the “sound” researchers struck hydrogen atoms with short, intense laser pulses. They then scaled the vibration speeds, or frequencies, down to about 1,000 Hertz, for a human audible pitch.

Researchers analyzed molecular motions by breaking them into their various frequencies or vibration speeds. Different frequencies create different pitches in music. The molecular frequencies could thus be analyzed as if they were musical chords. Just as a C Major chord sounds different from a d minor chord, other molecules also would have their own unique sound.

Courtesy Kansas State University & World Science staff 2008.
This study was based on experiments at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Germany.


It has now been scientifically proven and explained that our body is programmable by language, words and thought. This research points to the immense power of wave genetics, which obviously has a greater influence on the formation of organisms than the biochemical processes of alkaline sequences.

There is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes. Only 10% of our DNA which is used for building proteins, is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered "junk DNA."
According to Russian researchers our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and communication. It was discovered that the genetic code (especially in the "useless" 90%) follows the same rules as all our human languages. They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and have set rules just like our languages. It is clear that human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.

It was proven that since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language is of the same, no DNA decoding is necessary. One can simply use words and sentences of the human language!

Researchers modulated certain frequency patterns (sound) onto a laser-like ray which influenced DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Living DNA substance (in living tissue, not in vitro) will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper sound frequencies are used. This explains why affirmations and hypnosis have such strong effects on us.

Russian scientists, through modulated radio and light frequencies are repairing genetic defects. They have even captured information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitted it onto another, thus reprogramming cells to another genome. e.g. they successfully transformed frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns! The entire information was transmitted without any of the side effects or disharmonies encountered when cutting out and re-introducing single genes from the DNA.

This represents an unbelievable, world-transforming revolution by simply applying vibration (sound frequencies) and language instead of the archaic cutting-out procedure!

Of course the frequency has to be correct. In self healing the individual must work on his/her inner processes and development in order to establish a conscious communication with the DNA. The more developed an individual’s consciousness is, the greater the communication and healing potential.

Our DNA can cause disturbing patterns in a vacuum, thus producing magnetized wormholes! Wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges in the vicinity of black holes (left by burned-out stars). These are tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time. DNA attracts these bits of information passing them on to our consciousness and one suddenly gains access to information that is outside one's knowledge base. Such hyper-communication is then experienced as inspiration, intuition, trance, telepathy and channeling. The side effects encountered most often in hyper-communication in humans are inexplicable electromagnetic fields in the vicinity of the persons concerned. Stress, worry, hyperactive intellect prevents hyper-communication or the information will be totally distorted.

We attain access to all information via our DNA. Remote healing, telepathy or "remote sensing" about the state of another, can thus be explained. Some animals know from afar when their owners plan to return home. All this can be freshly interpreted and explained via the concepts of group consciousness and hyper-communication.

The full article can be viewed - http://www.rense.com/general62/expl.htm
DeoxyriboNucleic Acid (DNA) http://www.redicecreations.com/connections/more/DNA.html


There is an ancient 6-tone scale called the original Solfeggio Scale. This scale, which was lost for centuries and was just recently rediscovered accidentally by Dr. Joseph Puleo, is said to hold unlimited potential in healing and personal transformation.

One of the notes on the Solfeggio Scale, particularly the one that vibrates at 528 Hz has been used by biochemists to repair human DNA.

The frequency of 528 Hz appears to influence the water molecules that surround the DNA helix, thereby bringing about healing effects on DNA.

According to Dr.Leonard Horowitz (Harvard graduated public health expert & well-known author of 15 health science books), all healing occurs from sonic waves or vibrations, specific frequencies of sound, resonating throughout the universe. He claims that human cells use DNA, like radios use antennae, to receive the note vibrations and attune the body’s rhythm to that of the cosmos. He refers to the 528 Hz Solfeggio note as "the frequency of love" which, in addition to providing health benefits, opens the portals to spiritual transformation.

This is echoed by Dr. Candice Pert, PhD, who states that energy and vibration go all the way to the molecular level. When vibration and frequency reaches the 70 different receptors on the molecules they too begin to vibrate. This vibration at the cellular level, opens the chromosomes and exposes the DNA to the frequencies.

Experiments involving in vitro DNA exposed to different recordings of musical styles have been performed by Glen Rein of the Quantum Biology Research Lab in New York. Four styles of music, including Gregorian chants that use the Solfeggio scale, were converted to scalar audio waves and played via a CD player to test tubes containing in vitro DNA. The effects of the music were determined by measuring the DNA test tube samples' absorption of UV light after an hour of exposure to the music. The absorption of UV light is significant because the DNA helix unwinds to allow such absorption.

The results showed that the Gregorian chants caused a significant increase in the absorption of UV light versus rock music, which had little or no effect. It was concluded that the audible sound waves of the Solfeggio scale can cause resonance in DNA and can, indeed, have profound healing effects.

To experience the effect of the 528 Hz note of the Solfeggio scale, just type "528 Hz" in YouTube.com and you'll find several videos that feature this healing frequency.


Scientists say they’ve found approximate locations in our genome where genes affecting musical talent may lie. The findings suggest musical ability is partly genetic and may share evolutionary roots with language.

The patch of DNA in question encompasses about 50 genes. Of particular interest within these was a gene that interacts with molecules governing the development of brain cells and their interconnections.
Mutations in the gene are also indirectly linked to defects in time and pitch processing.
There’s also evidence such mutations may be connected to the language dysfunction of dyslexia, suggesting possible connections between music and language. Interestingly, of the three musical tests they used, the one with the strongest apparent link to the gene region is also predictive of dyslexia, which impairs reading and spelling ability. The Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience also reported that children with language syntax deficits also have musical difficulties.

Scientists have long suspected music might have genetic roots. The not-uncommon appearance of families of musicians, such as the clan that famously spawned J.S. Bach in 1685, also suggest a genetic basis — though other factors could explain that phenomenon. For this to be absolutely definitive, further mapping, isolation and characterization of genes that predispose to musical aptitude needs to be carried out.
World Science, April 30, 2008


To know the underlying motive or intention of what moves us to do and to act the way we do, is fundamental of being in harmony and alignment, and also being in integrity with our universe. This requires a hunger that demands impeccability to discard what is not essential. An act of intention is an act of Heart - the permeating force of universal wisdom.

Sound is a highly effective tool for healing and fortunately, one does not need to believe in it for it to work. Most vibrational energy practitioners address the bodymind and when the power of creative intention is included into the therapy, it greatly amplifies the effectiveness of healing whereby a successful outcome is intensified. The Sound Therapy experience I offer includes time for simplifying and refocusing with heart to formulate a clear impeccable intention. Intention consciously draws on the universal energy field empowering and dramatically accelerating the healing process. The mind holds immense healing and creative powers which continue to work on your behalf as long as conscious focus of intention is maintained.

Simply put, ‘intention’ means focusing the mind with heart to bring thoughts and feelings into a simplified clarity and using visualization to create this reality - different from ‘hope’, which relies on help from external forces and sits in the position of capitulation wishing to be in another place because the present situation is uncomfortable or too painful. Hope contains ‘the victim’ and lacks the energy necessary for the creativity in searching for growth and truth within the situation one is confronted with. Whether we are aware of it or not, we use the force of intention either positively or negatively every moment of our every day. Our thoughts, feelings and dreams are the templates for the results and experiences of our lives. In this context, like attracts like.

Creative intention has a sense of being deeply inspired, deeply moved. We are motivated to respond to a deeper calling with the unwavering knowing that our intention is not only reachable, but also will become a reality – ‘it is so’.
Lack of success usually stems from unresolved issues, negative beliefs harboured as subconscious fears and old, ingrained issues that we may not even be aware of. Nothing can become a part of our reality unless our thinking-feeling, conscious-subconscious mind is in alignment and fully engaged in the intention. This is where Sound creates an environment for the mind to soften and become spacious from its chaotic milieu, allowing it to harmoniously repattern according to the clear intention that the heart has just articulated. Intention ‘seeds’ itself in the creative fertility of Silence, where stillness is moved by a consciousness that powerfully recognizes, not only itself, but also becomes one with the infinite mysteries of all and everything. Intent is comprised of many levels which one may or may not attain in a lifetime. It all becomes a magical journey of discovery.

The teachings of Don Juan Matus were recorded in a number of books by Carlos Castenada who, under his guidance, walked the road of ‘the spiritual warrior’. His experiences go deeply into the subject of ‘intent’.

Intent is the element that propels the warrior; it is the flow of things; the pervasive force that causes us to perceive; the force that permeates everything; intent is what makes the world, it is everywhere. Intent and will are energies of alignment. Warriors know that intent is the alignment of all the emanations of awareness. They recognize the way it causes things to happen around them. Warriors know that they must exercise their intent by voicing it, announcing their intentions to spirit and stating their aims to achieve them.

The average man’s link with intent has been numbed by the ordinary, distracting, over-full concerns of daily life and his incessant blind habit of making incorrect assumptions and not 'listening' to the uniqueness of the moment. When we begin on the path of knowledge our intent is vague and our purpose unclear and faulty. Objectives don’t materialize because we know nothing of the hardships of learning and the battle to understand. Intent is the power within the warrior and has to be controlled and tuned.

The purpose of the warrior’s path is to bring the connecting link with intent to order, to revive the link with intent and to sensitize this link until it functions at will. It is repeated throughout our lifetime until the personal command of intent becomes a mastery that projects beyond the human condition to have a clear connection with Spirit.

Warriors know that one of the most engaging mysteries is how ‘will’ changes to ‘intent’. The strangest part of this mystery is that in actuality, the change is so easy to accomplish. Will channels the energy of our total being to produce anything within the boundaries of possibility. Will is what allows us to succeed when our thoughts tells us we are defeated. This is when will expands into the wondrous force of intent that connects us with the pattern of spirit.

Sound 'charges' the Brain

& gives the Body a 'Sonic Bloom'

Very few people realize the importance of sound frequencies that energize our entire brain and also the rest of our body.

At the beginning of life the development of the human embryo is largely reliant on receiving a wide range of sound frequencies via the foetal ear, known as the ‘primitive brain’ triggering the messaging to every part of the vibrantly growing foetus. These frequencies are passed down the mother’s spinal column, through the hip cradle, rippling into the amniotic waters and received by the ‘primitive brain’ of the unborn child in the womb.

These sound frequencies are also vital when we get older and the upper range of hearing is lost. It is through gradual hearing loss when they still have plenty to contribute, that the aged are often unaware of being cut off and disconnected from our world. When the inability to hear sound coherently from outside to the inner ear is left too long, the brain becomes disengaged and inert which in turn can bring on depression, stress, moodiness, fatigue and early dementia. A wide range of frequencies ‘exercise’ the brain slowing down the rate at which it deteriorates.

In my opinion don’t leave the inability to hear a wide spectrum of sounds too long. Look after your ears, get them tested and be aware of what you listen to that affects your audible functioning. Audible stimulation keeps memory alive in the elderly – a lack of it brings memory loss. If you need hearing aids then celebrate that such amazing technically advanced micro systems have been developed. It’s similar to the marvel of wearing glasses and seeing clearly the sparkle and definition of flowers, the shine on leaves and the range of colours for the first time. Our audible range is approximately 10 times larger than our visual range so you can imagine the subtleties that can be celebrated with the improved landscape of physical hearing and the psychological gifts that this bestows on our entire being.

Gregorian MonksGregorian MonksDr Tomatis, the famous French ear specialist said “Working with Gregorian chants as background music are a fantastic energy source charging the brain into a rested space and nourishing the mind”. These new sound discoveries can vitalize and resonate our connections to the fields of memory, and give mind and body a ‘sonic bloom’.

Your ear is your primary organ of consciousness not only for hearing but also for charging the brain, body posture, balance, muscle tone and determining direction. In acupuncture the entire body is reflected holographically on the outer ear. These energy points are highly sensitive to sound which travels through acupuncture pathways stimulating and energizing the body.

Inside the mysterious spirals of the snail-shaped cochlea of the inner ear, there are 24,600 special sensory cells, the Corti cells. The cells in the cortex act like small electrical batteries generating electricity for the brain to produce the electrical brainwaves seen on the EEG. These ‘brain batteries’ are not charged by brain metabolism, but only externally when the Corti cells are stimulated by sound. Tomatis found that it is high frequencies that speed up the recharging process. It is the music of Mozart, chanting the Om and Gregorian chants that energize these ‘brain batteries’ and generate serenity and power. Other music also have suitably high frequencies – Handel, Vivaldi, Boccherini, Rossini, Telemann, Haydn, Bach and Tchaikovsky. Researchers found that string music was most effective for ‘Superlearning Music’ probably because the music for violin, mandolin, harpsichord or guitar contain high frequencies and help recharge the brain.

The ear transmutes sound into energy along two auditory nerves. One nerve branch dynamizes the cortex which distributes energy throughout the body’s entire nervous system providing a beneficial dynamic flow to both mind and body. The other branch, the vestibular nerve, determines posture and muscle tone throughout the body. This dual function of the auditory nerves allows sound to recharge the mind, release stress and at the same time tone muscle.

But beneficial sounds (high frequencies) can’t help you if you can’t hear them. Precious child, Precious hearing, Precious ListeningPrecious child, Precious hearing, Precious Listening
Tomatis found that varied high/low frequency sounds gave the middle ear a gymnastic workout so that it reopened its high-frequency hearing power. The brain swiftly responded restoring vitality to the entire organism. Tomatis discovered that the most powerful frequency for rapidly recharging the brain cortex was in the 8000 Hertz range. In fact benefits increased when notes in the music under 2000Hz were filtered out (about 3 octaves above middle C). Magnetic brain-mapping confirmed this. Low frequency sounds act as brain-drain sounds e.g. traffic, airports, construction sites, buses, large trucks, low pounding music, booming discos, boom cars – sound pollution is another contributor to memory smog, high blood pressure and heart disease.At the beginning of life we all possess a wide hearing range from 16Hz to 20,000 Hz., but as life progresses psychological and physical factors cause this range to shrink.

The idea that specific tones can affect the mind and body has been handed down from the earliest Semitic and Arabic sacred knowledge. Pythagoras drew on this knowledge. In taking care of our own ‘sound’ health, we may experience new vistas of self-discovery and aliveness that we never knew existed.

Dr Tomatis’ discoveries have been tested and proved over several decades and deafness, epilepsy, hyperactivity, autism, dyslexics, stutterers, singers, actors, public speakers have greatly benefitted from his pioneering work. “The Tomatis Method” feeds more sound into the right ear than the left because of the direct route to the language centre in the brain. Reading, learning, remembering, concentration, attention and fatigue vastly improved with this right-ear training. All across the board, new breakthroughs concerning hearing are giving us powerful new ways to boost and access memory.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis
Website: http://www.tomatis.com/English/index.htm

Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute of Applied Science
See Hemi-Sync® sound for memorizing, learning focusing attention, concentrating.
This has been tried and tested in formal education since 1978.
Website: http://www.monroeinstitute.org/hemi-sync/
Website: http://www.hemi-sync.com/

The effect of the Music of Mozart, known as “the Mozart Effect”
Website: http://www.mozarteffect.com/
On Hearing Loss

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